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Mira – audio-visual performance during #vrynge2017

A performance that I am extremely excited about is the solo piano, audio-visual extravaganza performed by my good friend, Mari-Louise du Plessis, aka Mira. Mira, from the Greek ‘shines like no other’, not only alludes to Mari-Louise’s given name – the name also references a red giant star (also known as Omicron Ceti), some 400… Continue reading Mira – audio-visual performance during #vrynge2017

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Countdown to the Vrystaat Arts Festival has begun…!

July has arrived and that means that the Vrystaat Kunstefees is right around the corner! Not only are we working on some very thrilling projects this year, there are also some exciting new developments as part of the festival that I’m looking forward to, as well as some intriguing and refreshing productions I cannot wait… Continue reading Countdown to the Vrystaat Arts Festival has begun…!