Our Vision and Mission

At Audeamus Studios we dare to imagine



At Audeamus Studios, we envision a creative platform for young, emerging and established artists

We see this creative platform as evolving into an innovative collaborative space for experimental artistic creations

Through experimental collaborations we intend to shift paradigms and broaden horizons of the imaginary


We envision facilitating productive cross-dialogues between not only artworld artists and collectors but also the wider public

We see these cross-dialogues as transpiring through the presentation of exhibitions, workshops, apprenticeships, residencies and other educational presentations and/or lectures

Through education, guidance and instruction we intend to make the arts more accessible


We plan to engage with loyal and disciplined, innovative and original, and optimistic and playful individuals



At Audeaumus Studios, our aim is to work in partnership with all visual artists – from commercial to conceptual

We mean to collaborate with emerging and established artists, collectors and the general public alike

We intend to be involved in Arts Festivals, in particular focusing on public and/or community-based art projects


We aim to create a space where industry professionals can collaborate, network and form partnerships

We mean to deliver a superior service at an affordable price

We intend to be the only consultancy you need for all arts related services