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Mira – audio-visual performance during #vrynge2017

A performance that I am extremely excited about is the solo piano, audio-visual extravaganza performed by my good friend, Mari-Louise du Plessis, aka Mira. Mira, from the Greek ‘shines like no other’, not only alludes to Mari-Louise’s given name – the name also references a red giant star (also known as Omicron Ceti), some 400… Continue reading Mira – audio-visual performance during #vrynge2017

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Woordvlug… Vierde Horizon

This weekend, on a chilly wintry night, Corneli, Adele (our Onsesieworld artist) and I had the privilege of going to the Woordvlug performance in Bloemfontein. Woordvlug is a performance art based group who use poetry, acoustic music, visual art and audio-visual art as a way to express themselves, engage with the public and as a… Continue reading Woordvlug… Vierde Horizon