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Welcome to #OnesieWorld!!

Welcome to Onesie World!!

Onesie World invites you to wear a onesie with us! It’s free and yours to keep as long as you keep it on until you go to bed! By dressing similarly Onesie World aims to bring about oneness to talk, move and dance to the beat of the sewing machine together.

600 Onesies – designed and made by fashion students and makers in Bloemfontein –  will be given away during the Vrystaat Arts Festival 2017! Festival visitors are invited to wear a onesie and post their “usie” to #OnesieWorld. A team of local musicians will form a sewing machine orchestra where they work and play to the humming sounds of their machines to create beats for onesie wearers to dance and move to.

Onesie World was conceived by Australian artist Adele Varcoe, who creates fashion experiences that explore the social and emotional affects of fashion, dress and clothes. She brings people together to construct participatory performances that explore the elusive nature of fashion by putting people in a situation where their sense of self is heightened through their clothes.

Onesie World explores how dressing similarly can bring us together and create oneness through the process of making, wearing and moving. The onesies will bring people together through the process of making and wearing. By wearing a onesie, visitors become the work, create the work and make a festival trend/ fashion. Through the act of wearing festival visitors increase production and continue to produce a world that grows with a desire to be part of.

Onesie World was developed as part of the Programme for Innovation in Artform Development (PIAD), an initiative by the University of the Free State and the Vrystaat Arts Festival supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Situate Art in Festivals and Salamanca Arts Centre.

PIAD is an arts development programme focusing on how technology, interdisciplinary research and experimental art can connect with and impact on communities.

Also! There is a prize for the best ‘usie’! Get your camera out and post your best ‘usie’ to #onesieworld to be in the running to win the gold onesie!

***To be part of our crowdfunding campaign,  go here —–> Go Fund Me OnesieWorld.***


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