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Woordvlug… Vierde Horizon

This weekend, on a chilly wintry night, Corneli, Adele (our Onsesieworld artist) and I had the privilege of going to the Woordvlug performance in Bloemfontein.

Woordvlug is a performance art based group who use poetry, acoustic music, visual art and audio-visual art as a way to express themselves, engage with the public and as a means to live out their creative dreams.

The performance was held in a local designer from Freehand Design Studio, Andrew’s back garden in an intimate setting with table and chairs placed so everyone can see. A home-made stage against a grey wall used as a backdrop where funky lighting gave the performers a mysterious but enlivened aura that helped to keep us warm, along with the bon fires here and there. Tables were set with marshmallows for dessert and we were treated to a Cajun chicken potjiemade by Andrew himself and a vegetarian curry by passionate photographer Xany (Maxaa Photography Studio).

In the Flow of performance
Vierde Horison captured my heart with beautifully written compositions and soul chords.


Elzette Boucher (#Maanvrou) MC’d the event and opened the stage by reading her own writing. This, combined with a projection and an element of public participation made for an incredibly striking and exceptionally absorbing start to a wonderfully entertaining evening.

Wonderfully enticing and engaging poetry by #Maanvrou

After a round of open mic with local musicians Isabella Marie and Belinda van van Zwijndrecht and thought- provoking poetry by Tabbie Enslin we were ready for the main act of the night – Vierde Horison.

Vierde Horison
Love the voice on this guy!

Vierde Horison is a band made up of Dirk Somers (Cyril Viljoen), Marius Janse van Vuuren (who also had a live interactive painting that invited the audience members to participate in the creation of a work by spray painting dots and circles onto a canvas, giving the audience a sense of ownership. Marius also has a project during this year’s Vrystaat Kunstefees as part of the Public Art Project programme on Hoffman Square called “AfriCanus”, and will be part of the VROST studio tours – buy your ticket now!but I digress…), local musician Louis de Villiers and percussionist Maritsa Barlow (Maritsa is a freelance percussionist with an incredible voice to boot. She gives classes at the Musicon and has students from UFS as well at Eunice Girls School where she teaches Marimba. Maritsa will be performing in Mozart’s Requiem in the Anglican Cathedral, an opera Cavalleria Rusticana with the Free State Symphony Orchestra and a performance not to be missed at the planetarium, “Fly Me to the Stars” –  during the Vrystaat Kunstefees this year!)

If you missed out on this Woordvlug performance I suggest you like their Facebook page for information on their next one. A truly exceptional experience. We certainly cannot wait!





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